09 February 2008

crossing Timber Road.

ah, country life.

I strolled with Eli again this afternoon: past houses with green shutters and tin roofs, past a wishing well, past American flags swaying. my favorite sound is becoming that of rustling leaves on tree branches. they look like crumpled kraft paper dangling from string. i find their dried-up shades of brown pretty in a strange way. other trees are leafless and ashy, criss-crossing against the sky like thick webs. I zig-zagged down Timber with the baby-buggy, then along Hillcrest, and down Powder Mill Drive to the big grey house with pillars.

yesterday we were outdoors again too, at the park near our new house. it was good to have family time since we're so scattered lately. Jeremy and i took turns pushing Eli in the bucket swing.

his smile can make any day seem like perfection. at least for that moment while his face is filled with joy.

we walked over to look at the Harpeth River. soon Jeremy will be able to take Eli fishing there. and maybe we'll rent canoes from the stand at the end of Pinnacle Hill.

driving back to our home-for-the-moment we looked out at farmland and a field of rusty trees with the sun setting behind them. i turned to Jeremy and said, "Isn't it amazing that not only did God create such beautiful things in nature, he also created us with the ability to see that they are beautiful...?"


jenni said...

Look at all of Eli's cute teeth!
Pretty pics of you, too.

Christine said...

Aww, I love this! What a peaceful life.