26 April 2008

deja vu

wasn't i just here? sitting by the window, this time in my big yellow chair. it's raining again. birds are twittering; eli babbles and murmurs upstairs. j is on the road...driving down a highway in a rented PT Cruiser the color of Smurfs with a thermos of coffee and a bottle of RC Cola.

thankfully, he is only gone until tomorrow evening...this is a quick trip, but a lot of driving for him, three cities in thirty-six hours.

we woke up early to see him off, had a prayer & a family-hug in the kitchen, and waved goodbye from the back porch as he rolled down the gravel drive. eli had been Da-da-da-ing all morning long, as if he knew he'd better stock up for the weekend.

e and i shared [my first attempt at making] a frittata for breakfast. how i managed to get to the age of thirty-four without making a frittata until today is a bit surprising...my mom is all about the frittata.

i am bittersweet about these times when jeremy travels. i miss being a family of three at home together, but i also love my time alone with little e. the two of us taking care of each other and having our own special adventures, like trying new egg dishes and getting lost in story-books.

this weekend's activities will include:

-trip to the market. (i don't actually call it the market in real life...i call it the grocery store, but i like the word market better...makes me feel like i should have a basket on my head and a baby in a papoose, carrying a hand-knit sweater to trade for a chicken. incidentally, jeremy wants chickens for our backyard. as. in. coop.)

-gather & prep for next weekend's city-wide yard sale (hooray for de-cluttering! go feng shui!)

-to the park for swinging. a walk with the stroller (when the rain stops.)

-pop into new coffeehouse-in-progress on Main Street to see how it's coming along.

-set up e's teepee and drag in all the stuffed animals we can find.

-bake blueberry scones for j's return home.