24 April 2008

our town.

[since i am not quite ready to show pictures of the inside of our house, i thought i'd offer a little tour of Kingston Springs as i saw it on yesterday's walk...]

picket fences

everyone's church



house on the hill

the fillin' station (for live music, food & drink)

443 spring street

log cabin library

on main street

waiting for a winter snow

house on the tracks

old general store

MacK & Kate's for dinner

year-round christmas lights

a tunnel to the park



a place to rest


*jj said...

just lovely!

jenni said...

I know I keep saying this, but I really can't wait to visit. Your new location is beautiful!
(as I know your house is/will be)

Christine said...

I'm getting in my car with all my stuff and will be there in 10.5 hours :)

Bryan Allain said...

kierstin, your photos are always inspiring. thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

two things
Who lives in that house on a hill, it is awesome?
Sadly our christmas lights are still up...little red i suppose=)
megan wegiel