13 April 2008

a good film.

we finally got around to watching Once last night and loved it. lately we've been hard-pressed to find movies we're crazy about. friends have been recommending this so we brewed some mocha java and settled on the sofa under our fluffy throw quilt.

the soundtrack was fantastic & the film was such a realistic picture of life.

we never found out their names but it didn't really matter. i loved that it was filled with music, that it was both simple and complicated at the same time...not to sappy, not too sad, not at all flashy and just beautiful enough not to be too plain. it showed art being made purely & it made me want to create something.

i love movies like that.


jenni said...

Me, too.
We loved Once as well.

Joe said...

We're glad you guys liked the movie!

Alice Mary said...

Did you see her acceptance speech when it won best song - pretty inspirational...


"Hope, at the end of the day, connects us all no matter how different we are." -Marketa Irglova