07 April 2008

time out.

so that's as far as i got on blog catch-up (two posts, not bad) before Eli and I had to leave for his playdate (with a giiirrrllll!)

[photo to come]

we met sweet Emmy Cerveny (in her little white dress) and her mom at Books-A-Million. Eli brought his date a cluster of flowers picked from the yard. Ok, they were weeds, but she's 4 months old and didn't know the difference.

after destroying a few piles of best-sellers, we strolled along the parking lot and ducked into Target for diapers and teething rings. we reminisced about what a trip to Target used to be, back when there were no diapers to purchase or swirmy babies hurrying us along. but then again, those days of carefree aisle roaming could never hold a candle to what we have now, and we know that.