13 May 2008

art for sale.

...with this new house, one of my goals is to decorate mostly with handmade or reclaimed items, whether pulled from antique shops, the flea market, Etsy, or my own imagination. so far, we have little on our walls, but i have managed to acquire just a few artistic pieces [am trying to follow the motto of owning only things that are truly beautiful or useful...]

my ever-so-kind friend Jenni sent this Alyssa Ettinger porcelain milk bottle as a housewarming gift. i love it! her knitware pottery items are incredible as well.

i had to snap up this Julia Rothman pillow for Eli's bedroom before it sold out at Urban Outfitters. the bright green fabric and Dr. Seussian design make me happy and add a bit of "art" to his space.

also went by red tree coffee yesterday to take a few photos of my own artwork that is on display there:

close-up of poppy

close-up of ledger #2: lemons

ledger #1: good pie

ledger #3: little red wagon
and finally...

no, my husband is not art for sale, [though he is quite easy on the eyes, don't you think?] but he does have his own masterpiece for sale in the form of an album. unfortunately, with all of our house renovating and chasing after a one-year-old, i feel like Recovery's release didn't get all the celebration it deserved. i am really so proud of him for such an accomplished work of art and am hoping that at some point we can have a belated CD release party to honor his creative genius.


jenni said...

The milk bottle turned out lovely! It fits right into your pretty home. I'm so glad you like it.

I LOVE those collages/paintings, esp. the smaller size. May I hire you to make one for our home? Seriously?

I agree: Recovery is a fantastic album. Y'all, if you don't own it, buy it now.

Andy said...

I second the motion of an album release. Let me know how I can help you pull that off. It's time for a Jerry party!!

Ron Davis said...

"Recovery" is one of the most beautiful albums in my collection. It's absolutely amazing.

Oh, and let's try to make sure there's plenty of warning about the release party so that some of us non-Nashvillians (?) can make the trip.

Kei Akiyama said...

I'm speechless about Recovery, cause it's so dang good!

I'm with Ron about the release party!

Marcella said...

Man you are an amazing photographer! Love the art too!

Anonymous said...

Have you chatted w/Red Tree about some of your fabulous photographic art on the walls too?

Julie Rodda
aka the "coffee lady"...although
I think Jeremy has spoken highly of my chocolate chip cookies at one point...

Patty said...

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