23 May 2008

aisle 5.

so i'm (mostly) off cashews now and have moved on to sugar snap peas. i just gobbled up an entire eight ounce bag of them. i guess if you're going to binge on something, sugar snap peas are hardly the worst thing.

i am solo this weekend while J is in Atlanta working. that means more sweet time alone with Eli who is taking a late nap after our errands this afternoon. he manages to amuse people wherever we go, particularly at the grocery store. in the produce aisle, he points enthusiastically to watermelons, cantaloupes, oranges...anything roundish actually...and says, "ball! ball!" over and over again. he has also never met a stranger, which scares me just a little bit. he will strike up a "conversation" with anyone he can see from his perch inside the shopping cart.

i picked up a magazine and some ingredients for tonight's dinner: teriyaki-udon noodles with chicken, broccolini and....shoot, i ate the snap peas.

[update: substituted grape tomatoes for the hastily-consumed sugar snaps and also grated in some fresh ginger. + two potstickers from the freezer as a side-snack. waaay better & fresher than take-out. mmmm...]

i always eat asian food while J is away. it's part of my ritual, whether i get take-out or make something myself. he is not the biggest fan of asian food so i rarely make it when he's home. together we eat mostly italian, sometimes mexican (which i finally grew to love when i was pregnant and have never looked back), a fair amount of indian, and lately lots of meats on the grill.

i haven't had much to blog about lately...we're kind of just cruising along, enjoying the spring weather, preparing to plant a garden and finish house projects as the summer progresses.

after Eli wakes up we'll head out for our second walk of the day, this one to Burns Park so he can play a little while when we headed out for our walk it was four-ba-jillion-degrees outside, so our walk turned out to be a spin around the block with a stop for iced coffee, a quick push on the swing, and home with flushed faces...


jenni said...

Help! I'm blanking out.... What's that Houston place you & I frequented for Chinese food & beer? Ming's?!

Thank God you finally like Mexican food. Please tell me you're in love w/guacamole.

kierstin said...

yes, Ming's on Montrose near my apartment...hunan chicken and a bottle of rolling rock...yum.

guacamole has never been a problem, it's the other stuff i wasn't too fond of. partly because nashville isn't exactly known for its mexican fare. i can always eat Baja Burrito though...and definitely guacamole!

Allison said...

That dinner looks scrumptious! I don't often think about making Asian dishes with noodles...mmmm.

And I'lll just add I'm glad to know someone else's kid calls everything round a "ball" :)

jenni said...

I don't want to forget about Ming's! And I really miss beer (esp. Shiner).

I might mention on my blog that last night, we saw a tiny restaurant on Shepherd called Jenni's Noodle House. I was very proud to see my name spelled correctly.

jenni said...

Thanks for talking up the sugar snap peas. We picked up a bunch today - for my munching, and Johnny's beef/veggie stir fry (with sesame oil). But I'm still stuck on walnuts, mainly.