23 May 2008

pretty modern things.

normally when it comes to design, i'm mostly a vintage girl. i love scouring flea markets, the look of old fabrics, and furniture with character: the more scuffed up the better. i like things with a story.

lately though, i've been appreciating the clean lines and anti-shabby details of modern-mixed-with-retro in certain household products.

take my brand new iron for example. yes, i am blogging about an iron. yes, i am actually excited about an iron. but how could i not be? it's glimmery and pink and pretty! and it presses out wrinkles too.

and here's the new garlic press i bought last week (our old one broke):

a great label for a great dish soap:

then there were the flowers i found in the yard. usually i gravitate toward daisies & skinny strands of wild weeds...but i found this big hunk of a thing growing in our front lawn, and the modern-look of it, a flower (at least i think it's a flower), appealed to me. especially resting in a darkly-glazed pottery vase made by an artist friend.


jenni said...

I really believe a combo. of vintage and modern is best. That iron is beautiful. Does it come in other colors? Like red? Or teal?

I like the Meyer's labels, too, but I haven't tried their products yet. Any good?

clairestrebeck said...

Knox has never met a stranger, either. He literally yells at people (particularly old men) at the grocery store and restaurants to talk to them. :) Your pink iron is very pretty. I love pink appliances. One day I will get the pink Kitchenaid mixer. It will be a glorious day. Oh! And thanks for the congrats. :) We are excited.