27 May 2008


[look Keely, it's queen anne's lace!]

today was nice. lots of activity. jeremy began painting the stairs: which inspired us to clean, which motivated us to want to work on more projects, which encouraged us that one day soon our house will feel "finished."

just maybe.

while he painted spindles wearing old blue converse high-tops i didn't know he owned, Eli and I headed into town where we met my friend Danielle and her son Ellis for storytime at the downtown library. very much fun. Eli attempted to storm the stage a couple of times, especially once he caught a glimpse of a guitar up there. but mostly he paid attention to the theatrics (including a bit of juggling, some tap-dancing, fiddle-playing, songs about colors, and yes, a story was read too), and all the while he and Ellis stuffed their happy little faces with a kid-snack buffet of graham crackers, cheerios, Nilla wafers, and cheese goldfish.

after the story, we took our lunch to the courtyard and sat under a magnolia tree; then let the boys fast-walk around near the big fountain. i brought lunch from home but bought a macaroon from the Provence bakery attached to the library. come to find out, Eli is not such a fan of coconut.

he napped the whole way home, and I listened and sang along to Katie Herzig's Apple Tree CD, which is my favorite music of the moment.

this evening, some friends came over for dinner and it was good to have our home filled with three babies and six adults and lots of food and conversation...

[eli's first scribbles, after taste-testing the chalk]

now the dishwasher is swishing and glugging and we're stuffed and sleepy...

...so goodnight.