24 September 2008

garden sale...

just dropping in to share some exciting news in my little creative life.  i went by art & invention gallery today to pick up my paintings at the close of the Tomato Art Show, and it turns out i sold another one! two out of the three pieces i created have gone to new homes. i am so curious who bought them, and so appreciative. 

my feeling over this second sale is slightly bittersweet because tomato garden was Jeremy's and my favorite of the series and we were thinking of hanging it in our house. it's not one that can be recreated because i used original pages from an antique gardening book, but i am thankful someone out there will (hopefully) get some enjoyment from it.

i am definitely encouraged to continue my art work and to spend Eli's nap times painting away in my new upstairs studio.


jenni said...

....and start that Etsy shop, right??

Congrats, Kierstin! It's so good to see your talent recognized.

kierstin said...

yes, my Etsy shop will be opening soon.
i am going to use the profits from my paintings to buy supplies & set up shop. hopefully in october...i'll let ya know.

thanks for your support & encouragement! :)

Christine said...

That is wonderful, Kierst! Can't wait for your Etsy shop!! I need a Kierstin original in my home.

robyn a. jones said...


PeaceFoodie said...

The painting is great, first off. I like the childish feel of it. (no offence to you, of course)
It does feel great having people buy your work, dosen't it? I just sold my first book last week.
....I should probobally post about it. haha.

lisa said...

that was my favorite one too!...i am not at all surprised that someone snatched it up :) can't wait to see some new creations of yours from the new art room!