23 September 2008

the shape of things...

{updated. decided to add a few more 'afters' of the kitchen/dining room.}

i'll admit, i am not always a patient person. being a mother has helped me to learn more about the all-important fruits of the spirit, but it's still a struggle sometimes.

as i see it, there are two kinds of patience. there's the patience to maintain an even temperament, to not become frustrated when your toddler refuses to wear a diaper or decides to test his screaming octaves in the middle of Target. and there's patience that involves the art of waiting (i.e. delayed gratification). i think being a mom has helped me in both areas, because both kinds of patience have become more and more necessary. i've become accustomed to waiting to take a shower until the afternoon, for instance, or waiting to do housework until after Eli goes to sleep so we have more time to play.

probably the biggest test of both mine and jeremy's patience this past year has involved our house renovation. it has required both kinds of patience in equal measure, and i think we'd agree has strengthened our relationship rather than strained it. for the latter, i am immensely thankful, as i've heard the stories of how remodeling a house can really deconstruct a marriage. along the way, i've tried to remind my husband (who is doing the bulk of the labor) of all the progress we've made and encourage him with a vision for what things will become. there are days when a simple project like trimming a closet will make us so happy, and times when all we can see is what's left in front of us.

i have been putting off posting before and after photos, because we still aren't really in a place of total completion with any room of the house. some rooms only need a few dabs of paint and a doorknob, while others have a long way to go. still, i was hoping to do more of an "unveiling" like on my favorite design blogs. but as i said, i'm not always patient and i'm ready to share some more of the progress. i'm including a few of the before photos (which reflect the house as we first found it with the previous owner's belongings.) eventually i'll post a more parallel before/after comparison of each and every room, but for now, this will have to do...

kitchen before:

...and details of kitchen after:

i realize that a potted basil plant isn't really indicative of renovation progress, but it's a sign that things are brighter now:

i love having open shelving:

schoolhouse fixture:

covering a large fusebox:

living room before:

details of living room after:

jeremy's man-chair that i picked out for him. it's a recliner. he loves it:

light fixture replaced a ceiling fan:

dining room before:

details of dining room after:

sitting room (off master bedroom) before:

sitting room still in progress:

this sofa will move to the sitting room once it's finished:

art studio before:

art studio after:

future inspiration board:

a bed for guests:

i might paint the bed eventually...

supply cabinet (needs to be repainted):

waiting to be hung:

[i have to add this little confession, because i think it's funny. in the photo of the leather chair, there were a few clumps of dust as well as several dried kidney beans (eli likes to sort them), & possibly a bug underneath the chair. i noticed them while taking the photo on my knees. i decided it would be faster (and easier) to photoshop them out rather than to sweep.]

to be continued...


robyn a. jones said...

kierstin, these pictures are fabulous. y'all done such a great job! i wish i was half as organized as you. i also am working on an art studio outside in my garage. i have some concrete to pour. it's going to take a while. be encouraged, cause you and jeremy are doing an awesome job!

Christine said...

Of course it looks gorgeous, even in transition. Will you be unveiling your paint colors too? I'd like to know those for sure :)

jenni said...

Your home is breathtaking, Kierst. I love your style w/both old + modern elements. This reminds me, our house is still a work in progress. We need to paint upstairs, we need more things on the walls. When you visit in Oct., I'd like your input, please.

lisa said...

WOW - i had forgetten what it looked like before! you guys really have made so much progress....it looks great. and i love the new art room additions :)

clairestrebeck said...

yes, it does look really really great. I had no idea what it looked like before, but wow, what a transformation! Especially the kitchen! Yall seem to have done a good bit even in the last week. :)

jenni said...

I love your new blog banner up there.

PeaceFoodie said...

1. Love the new title banner
2. Your rennovations are very, very well done
I love it. It's...actually my style.
Can I stay in the guest room?
(I kidd)

kierstin said...

thanks guys. i appreciate the feedback and encouragement. it helps to see the progress in photographs since we're living in the rooms every day and sometimes fail to step back and take notice. i'll post more (including paint colors for christine) down the road...we're hoping to have most of the work completed by the end of this year.

Sarah S said...

soo fun to see your home now that you've put in some elbow grease... it looks soo warm and welcoming...:)

Chris,Cheryl,and Anna Kate said...
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