07 October 2008

black & white night

Our friend Billy turned 40 29 this past weekend and his wife Charla threw him an amazing party at a best-loved spot in town, Crema. it was such a fun night to celebrate one of our favorite people.

a gathering of friends, an italian feast, good wine, and the richest chocolate cake lit up like a july 4th sky. after dinner, Billy's friends took turns paying tribute to his songwriting talent by each performing one of his songs. it was a back and forth of laughter and beauty. also, everyone wore black, except for the guest of honor.

such a memorable evening that made us thankful for the richness of friendships...

andy & jeremy admiring matthew's iphone.

b & c

jeremy playing "heaven knows"

jeremy & kevin


the gifts



kevin mann, justin rosolino, mandy mann

charla, jeremy, billy, moi


Billy Cerveny said...

You are AWESOME. Such a great night. Loved being with you and Jerry. It was amazing. You are mistaken, however. I turned 29.

Christine said...

Looks like a sweet night! Billy got Huggies for a gift? :)

Geof F. Morris said...

I refuse to believe that Billy is 40. Of course, I refuse to believe that I turned 30 last week, either.

jenni said...

Johnny would love this wearing-all-black business.

robyn a. jones said...

looks like that was a great birthday party! billy has one of the best most friendly smiles. always made me feel like a million bucks. i always remember him wearing black too.. so that's funny!

clairestrebeck said...

oh, i meant to tell you earlier, we loved our note from eli. :) such a skilled writer!

tata said...