03 October 2008

what the day holds.

i awoke to big squeezes and hugs from little arms today. Eli's soft cheeks were cold from this brisk fall air that has seeped into our house through century old crevices. he tugged at me to come downstairs, but socks for both of us were needed first.

the house is still and quiet this morning; it feels like a cozy blanket. i hear the faintest chirps from an upstairs bedroom as Eli attempts his morning rest. sam the dog softly snores on his pale green blanket. it sounds like a motor humming in the far far distance.

there is sunlight everywhere beyond two big picture windows. the view is deceptive, appearing more like the last days of summer than the entrance of autumn. on our walk yesterday, we noticed patches of crumpled orange leaves on the ground. others spiraled downward as we walked among the trees.

i have yet to form a plan for today. fridays always feel like nebulous days to me...moving toward the limitless freedom of saturday. i feel like baking something. definitely a walk to the park is in order. croissants with strawberry jam. dragging out the first lightweight sweater of the season. and a birthday party tonight.

these quiet minutes are being broken up by louder calls from overhead so i'll go up and fetch my little sock-footed monkey now. there's some sort of adventure awaiting us i'm sure. we have to go and find it.

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jenni said...

Though I've never been to your house (yet), I feel like I can see it b/c your writing is so purty.