07 November 2008


last evening we returned from a trip east and i was so happy to see nashville's face again. its traffic lights & busy gas stations, its two-horned building off in the distance...i would have hugged this city were my arms wide enough. we picked up italian take-out & a bottle of wine on our way home from the airport. i was asleep by 9:32.

today i ventured to opening day at trader joe's. eli got bagel samples, a balloon & a sticker for his t-shirt. i got kitchen soap, a bag of avocados, arugula, bananas, cheese, soup, pasta, and a loaf of tuscan bread. then home to make a salad & have coffee on the porch. so many leaves falling that i tried to calculate how long it will be before all the trees are empty.

and i keep looking at this photo in disbelief. my friend mandy sent it to me of halloween. i just keep staring at this little boy's face, knowing that he's mine but wondering who he is at the same time. he looks so grown up to me. today i taught him how to say shoe.


jenni said...

I think Houston needs a Trader Joe's.

Eli does look grown up! I am still in love with that sock monkey costume, too. :)

*jj said...

He's super cute!

Thesupermanns said...

yep, its official..ELi is ADORABLE. Your writing always makes me smile and feel part of your adventures. YEAH for Trader Joes....and affordable wine.

Julie Rodda said...

it isn't until you have a child that you can truly understand the phrase
"where has the time gone?"!

Kiddos put it all into perspective.

lisa said...

oh my goodness...i love this picture! he is growing so fast :) i miss you eli!