11 November 2008

men in tents.

veterans day was a usual kind of day for the most part. several walks with eli down the gravel drive to the mailbox before i remembered that there was no mail today. the two of us went to the Y, then had soup & special grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (it was an overcast day) with chocolate squares for dessert. we set up eli's tepee from his great-aunt jeanne in the living room and he dragged in various supplies including but not limited to: the TV remote control, a blanket, two mini pumpkins, his keyboard, and a pair of my shoes.

after dinner and a good talk with jeremy, i crept upstairs to peek at the sleeping little boy who woke up only briefly, then settled back down onto soft layers of blankets. i watched him for awhile, turned off his lamp, quietly pulled the door closed, and went to find this photo of my dad from when he served in Vietnam. it's good to remember.


Christine said...

Such a handsome photo.

jenni said...

Um, your Dad was really, really handsome. That is a great photograph, and it is very good to remember.

Sarah S said...

what an amazing photo to have... it tells so much... I LOVE it!

Half Baked said...

What a charming photograph, and I mean that literally. He's got charm, you can tell.
I have a similar photo of my father, I'll maybe try and scan and post it. He did special-forces work in Africa and South America. His photo shows him and some malnourished children, but he's got the "rambo six" thing going; with the big guns and bullet slings.

clairestrebeck said...

well, we're here until we know otherwise. we're still going to try to move up to Nashville, and Wesley took this position with the understanding that we're trying to move to Nashville. The church is real supportive of his music and him trying to have a career in it, so that's a plus. but, as far as it has looked from the past few months, we're here at least for a little while. :( :) i hope i'm wrong... :)