24 March 2009

creating lately.

for esther.

osage orange.


(untitled.) butterflies for the living room.


jenni said...

Etsy. shop. soon.
Beautiful work, Kierst.

Paige said...

love your use of color in your art and in writing your blog. you made me feel like I was there... very nice!

And in Eli's photo image of his "best friend" the tension is powerful! i love the perspective of a child... they don't try to produce something interesting, they just do. atta boy, Eli - i bet he'd dig a fish eye lens! ;o)

lisa said...

lovely new pieces! i agree with jenni - etsy shop please :)

Christine said...

Kierst, you have really come into your own place as an artist, and it sure is beautiful!

clairestrebeck said...

yes, please. we all want a piece (or more) of your work.