24 March 2009


{taken today while teaching eli to use my camera. i couldn't believe he actually held it himself, put his finger on the button, looked through the viewfinder and snapped away, then backed off to check his work in the display window! apparently he has seen it done a few times. a photographer in the making.}

photo by mama. age 35.

photo by eli henry. age 2.

the best friend. photo by eli.

self portrait. photo by us.


jenni said...

I am not at all surprised that Eli is turning into a photographer. :)
He's good!

lisa said...

love these photos...especially the last one... he's already picking up on his mama's talent :)

Lauren said...

oh my gosh, kierstin...seriously, your boy could not look more like his mama! (although i do see jeremy in there too.) <3

clairestrebeck said...

great shots, eli!