08 April 2008


for j's birthday on sunday, we left the bebe' with friends and went over to 3rd & Lindsley for the Sixpence None the Richer show. we had a great time & the music was amazing. we both said that we could easily have stood & listened for another hour (or two) had the set been longer. and we felt proud to see our friends Cason & Will on stage as part of the band.

i have always loved Sixpence's music when I've heard their songs over the years but wouldn't have necessarily thought to name them among my top favorites... the other night might have changed that for me. it was just such a memorable concert and was fun to have an evening out with my best friend, celebrating another year of his life.

before singing "a Million Parachutes," Leigh Nash explained that it had been her father's favorite song before he passed away in November. Of course this made me think of my own dad & how much I miss him...

...beautiful, beautiful lyrics.

Like a million parachutes
The snow's coming down
I'll lock up the front door
And turn the lights down
In the glow of the street lights
I see them descend
Like a million parachutes
Small men on a mission

I miss the warmth
And I miss the sun
I miss the ocean
I miss everyone
And I miss the bridges
That span across the bay
Tonight, it seems like ages ago

Like a million parachutes
the snow still falls
The dogs are asleep now
There's no one to call
I'll put on some records
And wait for the light
Under those million parachutes
Now a blanket of white.


jenni said...

I used to be a passionate Sixpence fan. I probably still would be if I saw them in concert these days.

Beautiful lyrics, indeed.

Beth said...

DO you suppose those would be the same bridges as those in San Francisco?

I saw them at a local East Bay, Califoria church back in 97 with our worship leader Justin Mcroberts and it was fun. It reminds me of when I also saw Switchfoot around that time at the same local place...before they went big. Huge "Christian Music" influence for me.